Genius and Insanity: I am that Line

A few weeks ago, one of my friends said, “Girl, I can’t tell if you are a genius or just insane.” To which I, with 100 percent sarcasm, replied, “There’s a fine line between the two, I am that line.”

The question is not what the difference between genius and insanity is; it is what is wrong with insanity? Now insanity is a concept discussed in court to help distinguish guilt from innocence. Mental health professionals tell the court if a person is insane or not, but the term today is primarily legal, not psychological. There’s no “insane” diagnosis listed in the DSM.

The stigma of having a mental health condition: depression, anxiety, PTSD, and any other disorder. The stigma is so bad; many people refuse to speak help, refuse to acknowledge it, and watch as they get worse. The price of treatment is outrageous.

This blog is about facts, research, and resources on various mental health conditions. I will also be posting poems, pieces of writings, pictures, and other neat little artworks from the various authors (including myself), related to the topics being discussed.  There will be sadness, there will be “lectures,”  but there will also be humor.

I am a both genius and insane. As are many. Is there something wrong with me? Yes, clinically, but that is beside the point.  There are two points: facts and humor.

Welcome to my blog!


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