Cassie Oliver’s: To The Girl Who Can’t Say No : People Pleaser? Guest Writer

So I have not had time to dive in deep on the research of a famous fictional scientist, but that post is coming soon, maybe next week but for sure before April 5th. Anyway, lucky one of my friends accepted the offer of writing a blog post for me. So here it is, please enjoy!


Cassie Oliver is from a faraway land called Iowa. She lives in the middle of a booming city, within her parent’s house as she awaits her adventure to seminary in the fall. She loves to drink hot chocolate, read autobiographies of celebrities and the Holy Bible. She has a vast knowledge of sports for one of the female gender. She is friends with the author and wonders why she was ever allowed to write this.

As a young girl, I was made fun of most of my years in school because I was the one who would always raise my hand in class for any assignment the teacher would give me. This continued into my college years where I felt like my car was used more as a taxi service then it was used for personal reasons. After I graduated college was when I started feeling that I was doing things more to please people then to do them for myself. As I discovered this, I started to question my mere existence, has my whole life been a lie to myself and just a reflection of what people wanted to see in me? Or have I not figured out who I am and I am just a bubble walking around filling a void in the space continuum? I have started saying no to people, and you ask how has that changed my life and those around me? Well let’s just say that I have less people in my life at the time being. People that have been around for years have started to noticed that I have more time to spend with them but more important, more time to discover the true self that I have been trying to find.


Cassie is on the way to finding herself.

Until next week!

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland



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