Ranting of a Mad Woman #6:13 Reasons Why So it Starts

Happy Sunday readers! I have finished watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and I must say, it was great! There is soooo many psychological topics I will be discussing in the next three or four post some of the topics are: depression, PTSD, sexual abuse, and yes once again suicide.

For now (as I do more research on the subjects) enjoy this creative ranting!

I don’t need 13 reasons why. I just need one.
Yes you, I shall not  call you out by name, I’m not evil. I’m not that sinful. To place all the blame on you. To target you just like you targeted me.
Or am I?
That’s cruel too, to watch how you are left wondering.
Is it me?
No. It’s you.
Oh you, the breaker of my heart.


It wasn’t enough that you ripped it out of my chest you then had to cut it into little pieces so small I could not glue it back together.  Telling me did you really have to set it on fire as well?
Oh you, I will not mention any names but if the shoe fits WEAR IT.
You the breaker of promises. Since the start I can name everything you promised and those are as numerous as the stars or the tears I cried because of you. Where, oh you, are all my dreams come true?
Oh you, my reason why. The breaker of my self. I look in the mirror and all I hear is how I’ll never be good enough FOR YOU.
So many flaws. So many imperfections. So many other picks.
Oh you. I should name you: the breaker.
Oh no… No…you are more than just a breaker. You are a destroyer of hope. A liar. My 13 reasons neatly organized into one.

Stay tune next week for depression…

“You can’t stop the future
You can’t rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret
…is to press play.”

~ 13 reasons why



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