Music Top 3 Bands

Music is something that I hold dear to my heart. When I am feeling down I listen to music; when I want to get pumped up I listen to music. As I am writing my term papers, music is always with me. It helps me work through my thoughts and emotions. 

Here are some of the songs from my top 3 bands; there will be another post with just random songs that I love.  

Skillet- so I love Skillet, all of their songs, but here are my top 10:

Would it Matter

Dead Inside 

Never Surrender



Not Gonna Die

Sick of It

Falling Inside the Black


Awake and Alive

Linkin Park- again I love most if not all Linkin Park songs, but here are my top 9: 


In The End

What I’ve Done

Breaking the Habit

Leave Out All the Rest

Final Masquerade 

Guilty All the Same

Paper Cut 

One Step Closer

Icon for Hire- again I love these guys, and this band is female fronted which is awesome; here’s my top 8:

Cynics and Critics 

Sorry About Your Parents

Rock and Roll Thugs 


Get Well II

Supposed to Be